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Cotswold Village
Started May 27, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Blackberry peeps

I know this is really my site about living with MS, but I have noticed that I have a lot of visitors from various Blackberry sites I belong to and if you are one of my Blackberry peeps coming to visit, please check out the Z-Man Blog and Forum (you will find links over on the right ---------------).  I know a lot of you have been already, but if not, head on over there and have some fun.

Now back to me (LOL).  Haven't been riding much over the weekend as it is so friggin hot and I am barely able to breathe in this weather and I have been managing to sleep late, so by the time I wake up, it's hotter than hot.  I am making a roast today for Easter.  I don't celebrate but since today is Easter and I have a roast to cook, it has become the Easter Roast.  I am also gonna try Yorkshire Puddings.  I have never ever made them, even though why I was born and raised is in the title, I figured the roast was a good way to try them.  I have the recipe and instructions from my friend and I'm going to try it out.  Hubby has no idea what they are so they will be a surprise and if they don't work out, he will never know the difference.  The hard part is figuring out how to make gravy, so after this post, I'm on a mission. 

For some other unknown reason, I keep getting requests for Twitter followers... I feel so loved (ha ha).  Nope, I'm not interested in those porning their sites!!! nor am I interested in sex enhancement items, but to know someone is waiting with bated breath for me to tweet a twit, it feels good.  (Keep waiting as I don't tweet much).  Anyway, I hope you all have a great Easter and that you find lots of eggs... and for those of us with MS, please keep the MonSter away.

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