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Started May 27, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

How do you explain being tired

My parents are on their way over this afternoon after traveling from West Palm Beach to Atlanta and now they are in Orlando to take us for dinner.  But today I'm weak, tired, blah... and I guess she could hear it in my voice, yes being MS tired gives me no energy to talk either.  She said to go take a nap, you will feel better.  Go take a shower, that will wake you up.  My husband says the same thing.  No-one seems to understand this "tiredness" feeling with MS.  Can any of you explain it to me in a way I can explain it to my family and friends.  My MS is the cognitive kind, not immobility, therefore I cannot seem to explain things properly.  I hope you can understand what I'm saying and I look forward to your comments.  Thanks guys.


  1. It's not sleepy kind of tired, it's the ms kind where every piece of energy has been taken from me and nothing can be done to bring it back time is the only thing that works and adding stress only makes it take longer for me to recover.

  2. You could always use the spoon story. The thing with ms is that it does effect everyone different. I know what you mean about feeling too tired to think. Think of the right word. Say what I mean. Just tired. For me yeah sometimes a nap might help. Shower to "wake up" not so much. I also hear "how can you be tired you slept so long..." frustrating!
    As for the spoons... I've seen several references to it. But here is a link to one:

  3. I agree with MS Day Dreamer... the spoon theory is the best way to tell of the fatigue battle... it makes the most sense, if anything can make sense

  4. For me it was the fatigue that forced me to retire. Now of course there are many other symptoms as well. But since you asked, here was my take on fatigue, written in Feb of 2010.

    Chronic exhaustion,
    sheer unadulterated
    tired to the bone.

    Those who never felt
    this level of exhaustion
    cannot understand.

    Even a year’s sleep
    could not make up for the loss.
    It is that severe.

    All my poems with a fatigue tag are in the folowing link:

    Bottom line, it's hard to explain to others.


  5. Thank you ALL so very very much for your great comments. Mom and Dad were here when the comments started to come through so I went to find the "spoons" blog and read it to her. I think she understands a little bit better now (me too). Thank you again... It is SO absolutely fantastic to have such great people like you responding in minutes when called upon. I can't thank you enough.