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Started May 27, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What am I, Who am I?

(Preface  - long and probably very boring post)
I was born and raised in England until the age of 19.  I have been in America since 1979, almost 32 years.  I still have my British passport.  I wanted to become an American citizen many years ago, but just never took the test.  Now, it seems that will never happen.  My MS causes loss of memory pretty bad and there is no way I know the names of President's past or much of any historical times.  So I guess my quest for becoming an American Citizen is out the window.  Technically I'm English, but in my heart I'm an American, although I'm not quite sure that is a good thing.

Of course I was up at 2:30am on Friday, getting all ready to watch the wedding of the century.  It was all it was expected to be and beautiful.  The biggest surprise was the car as they were leaving the Palace.  To see all the crowds in England happy and waving their flags made me a little homesick, but that was over in a flash.

So I spent most of the rest of Friday watching replay after replay and different television perspectives of the wedding.  Saturday was a lazy day but ended up watching the White House Correspondents Dinner which I found hysterical.  Whether it really was or not I'm not sure, maybe it was my lack of sleep from Friday, but I thought the President was hysterical and extremely clever with his jokes.  All in all it was a pretty relaxing weekend but I was so tired (still trying to catch up from Friday - those with MS know what I'm talking about).  Sunday night I went to bed very early, around 8:30pm.  Hubby came in to kiss the dog goodnight around 10pm (yes, I said the dog, not me) which was strange in itself, but I think he was hoping I was awake and because I rolled over when he opened the bedroom door, he told me the President was coming on the tv with an important announcement.  Yeah, so whatever, is that a reason for waking me......grrrr then he said something about OBL... so in my haze of sleep I clicked on the remote and turned to CNN and there was Wolf (what a name) saying that OBL was dead (although still no official word - waiting for President).  Obviously, I was now awake so up I got to go watch the "big" tv in the living room to find out what had happened.  At 3:00am I am still watching TV... yep that's what happens once I'm awake, I stay awake for a loooong time.

I realize this is a long post (and probably very boring for most of you) but I have gone from Loving being British, (wedding) Loving being American (great President = remember I am not bias as I am not eligible to vote - but from all the past president's that I can remember - he is a GREAT speaker) to a WTF moment.

After doing something so spectacular by sending in the SEALS, now I hear, "it was illegal"  "Bush should get the credit" "why give him an Islamic ritual burial".  Can we just let it go. It was DONE and OVER.  Who really cares if it was legal or not... was it legal when OBL flew into the World Trade Center or killed thousands of others through his terror antics.  The saga with Trump wanting Obama's birth certificate.  WHY.  I was surprised Obama gave it up but it all worked to his advantage (watch the president speak during the white house correspondent's dinner - you'll get it).  I used to like Trump but think he is now an idiot, a moron, an egotistical.... well I can't really say it here but you get what I mean.  Is he really that stupid, or is this just another show.

Aren't we all grown ups here.  I watched the guy from the White House do his briefing yesterday (I have nothing else to do I'm so bored) but I was astonished and disappointed with the american reporters that ask questions that OBVIOUSLY cannot be answered.  Why would any reporter think that we should give them information about HOW, WHEN, WHERE and what the SEALS saw during the raid.  I'm sure many people of America want to know, but deep down, isn't it safer that it's done, it's OVER.... whatever info is given to reporters is also given to OBL followers.  These reporters just don't know when to let it go.

So, back to the question at hand - am I English or American.... I even have to get my pills from Canada as it is 1/3 of the price - WHY...(let's leave that for another rant).  I miss my job, hate not working and as it's just me and the three dogs every day until my hubby gets home, you are my audience for my vents and rants.

OK, i'm done venting now and off to find something to eat for breakfast.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.

PS:  Got an email while writing this from my blackberry page for a new app for today - Memory Booster for Blackberry - deal of the day.  (Wish it worked on my brain instead of my phone LOL)


  1. Didn't think it was too long or boring. As for OBL just knowing he's gone is good enough for me.

  2. Absolutely love your cross stitch. I used to be an avid stitcher, but when my right hand became non-functional, I had to give it up. I'm still trying to find a way I can do it.