Cotswold Village

Cotswold Village
Started May 27, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Maybe it's just me, but it is very hard to find "kindness" in this day and age.  I cannot comprehend what we did before the internet came along, but thanks to the internet I have found lost friends, found new ones and have even found strangers that are willing to help.  FIRST, thanks go to Steven who I found on a Photoshop forum.  He perfected the picture you see at the top of this screen.  I had it where it didn't really line up and being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted it to look perfect.  He went above and beyond to help this stranger.  SECOND, to my "followers."  It feels great to have people following me on my blog, whether I make sense or not, I know that somebody, somewhere is reading me (LOL).  Last night I got a tweet about a car chase on USTREAM and spent three hours watching the stupid thing, but  I 'met' two very nice people (Donut and TyJuanOn).  Whether it was their names, or just our conversations, we seemed to hit it off.  I, for one, am very thankful for the internet. Finally, I want to thank my husband... I have always been independent, never let anyone do anything for me, but because of this disease, he is there for me always.  To all the people I know, and those I am about to know, thank you.  There are KIND people out there.

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